Feb 26, 2012

Ron Paul rally in OK City!

WOW!  Yesterday was a GREAT, FUN and busy day!  The day started at an early 5 a.m. with preparing for the trip to the Oklahoma State Capitol with 11 of my friends.  OK City is about 2 1/2 hours from where we are.

We got there pretty early (about 9 a.m.) and met with the rally coordinator.  He told us all to go put Ron Paul shirts on and then he put us to work on putting signs together.  Before we really realized it, my friends and I were put in charge of the official Ron Paul 2012 campaign table and left in charge of all the donations.  For the rest of the day, some of us stood at the table with an almost constant stream of supporter's donations flooding in, buying Ron Paul T-shirts and bumper stickers!

When Ron Paul finally walked out on the stage (around 1 p.m.), the crowd of about 1300 people went WILD!  We all chanted, cheered and made a lot of noise to say the least  :)  The speech lasted about 25 minutes and of course, it was all about bringing back our constitutional liberty and rights...the crowd was full of energy and the young idea of freedom!

Ron Paul speaking at the rally.
Crowd of about 1300 gathered to hear Ron Paul speak.
We also got to dance at the rally before Ron Paul spoke.  Someone from the crowd put a video of it up on YouTube!

As Ron Paul was pulling out of the parking lot, he waved bye to us as my friends and I did a sign wave!

My friend Qadoshyah got her picture taken with Carol Paul!

Our picture got put in the paper!  Here's the article about yesterday:  http://www.reddirtreport.com/Story.aspx/21580  -  The first picture on that article is of us (me and my friends) running the campaign table.

We made it back safely and most of us are very sunburned!

Goodnight all!