Apr 15, 2012

Just Imagine . . .

You're wading in a peaceful creek. Life is good, when suddenly a flash flood overwhelms the small creek, and now you're on a crash course through the torrent, to a devastating end! You're trying to keep your head above water and you know in your heart that this is a bad situation, but keep trying to convince yourself that the current is leading you to safety.  Little do you know, it's leading you closer and closer to a massive drop off.

People on the banks of the river call out to you time and time again and throw life raft after life raft to you, warning you of the inevitable danger you face, yet you don't grab on...you don't listen.

The same is happening with this country, the United States. The media and our leaders put up a barrier between you and reality, giving you a false sense of security. Then, when the time comes for you to face the hard truth that has been suppressed, and is now being shown to you, and the "elephant in the room" has "come out of the closet", you choose to look at the mouse in the corner.

I urge you to take responsibility as an American citizen and stand up for your country to protect your freedoms and the freedoms of the generations to come!

Vote for RON PAUL in 2012!   Check out what he stands for at www.ronpaul2012.com

You can't ignore FREEDOM anymore!!

This is far to serious to ignore.  A vote for Ron Paul is a vote for FREEDOM!