My name is Hannah and I am the 1st of 5 kiddos.  Me and my family live out here in beautiful Northest Oklahoma, away from the city thankfully!  Here's a bit more about us...

For as long as I can remember, we have been "City Folk".  I've lived my life in California since I was 6 years old (now I'm 16....oh, and we moved to OK when I was 13).  When my friend Suriyah (GoodGoats) got her first goats, that was very interesting to me!  In about 2007, when we would go over to her house, I would watch how she milked, of course at that time, it was just for fun.

Anyway, after about 9 years of living in Southern California, me and my family decided to pick up and move out of California.  We chose Oklahoma as our new homeland and I must say, the whole family was THRILLED!  About 5 months after we made the decision to move, we were gone and on the road, headed east.  To make a long story short, we arrived in OK, lodged in a rental cabin on the river (boy was that tight livin'!  7 people crammed in that thing :)

There we stayed, until 6 months later, God provided us with 7 acres of beautiful, grassy, shady land out in the country.  As you can imagine, cleaning up property is quite a task, considering the fact that it had been about 5 years since it was inhabited.  It took hard, long, sweaty days of clearing brush, burning leaves, building barns...all to work toward a common goal...building our own little farm.

When that was pretty much done, I started to get serious about getting dairy goats.  The same thing happened as  it did in Cali, where we would go over to Suriyah's house and I would watch her milk...but this time, it was for a really important reason.  Convincing my parents that goats were the right thing for us was the hardest part of the whole process!  I had to do my homework, be able to speak the "goat lingo" and know my stuff before even getting my first goats, but that was a great learning experience!
 Here's what I did before getting my goats:
  • Watched a goat death (natural causes)
  • Watch a goat necropsy (to see what the cause of death was)
  • Watch and was apart of a couple goat births
  • Learned how and what to feed the goats
  • Hands on milking for 6 months
This is all VERY important information you need to know before you get these animals.  So, finally, after about 6 months of intense learning, research and hands on experience, I got my first 2 goats!  I was SO excited!
Now we have a fairly large herd of dairy goats, a lot of chickens, a couple of LGD's (Livestock Guardian Dogs), a big meat rabbitry, tons of ducks, guinea hogs and....oh, some barn cats!

Around the Farm
Here's a little tour around the farm...

The Milk "Parlor"

Milk Stand

The Hay Corner

The Loafing Shed

The front
Entrance from inside the milk barn
The Hog Pen 

The Chicken House

The front

These doors are access to collect the eggs, so we don't actually have to walk inside the house.

The Rabbit Barn 

The Front Door

I hope you enjoyed reading about our little ranch!  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me!