Mar 28, 2011

"Compost City" - How to compost

Today was a FULL outside work day!  Me and my brother built a 4-in -1 compost bin out of old pallets.  We also started compost in all four of the bins, using the resources we have on the farm, including goat, rabbit and chicken poop, old hay and pine shavings, food scraps and dead leaves.  Take a look below to see what we built!
Front of the bin
Back of the bin
Middle of "compost city"
Now we have 8 compost bins (including the ones I built a few months ago).  I stir each compost bin every Monday (or try to ;), that way it gets enough oxygen to break down the components of the organic material.  I'm hoping to get enough compost to fill all of our beds, and keep them going all year long.

Wanna know how to make compost?  Here's how (not promising that it'll work for you, but it has for me)
Start out with a fresh, bare bin.
Put a layer of old hay or grass clippings, preferably if it's peed and pooped on by chickens, rabbits and goats.  This layer should be fairly thick.
Add some food scraps (not too thick & too big)
Add a layer of dead leaves on top of the scraps
Add a small dousing of water to the bin

Do this kind of layering over and over until you have your bin at the fullness you want it.  Make sure that you stir it at least once a week, and add stuff to it throughout the week.  My bins usually take about 6 weeks (most of the time, composting takes longer than this, but I think mine compost faster because of the chickens scratching around and pooping in it every day...and the kind manure I'm using tends to compost faster) to completely compost into rich dirt.  It's better if you have some earthworms in there, as they help break the compost material into rich soil...but don't worry if there isn't.
Me adding scraps to a bin
Thanks for reading!

Goodnight everyone!

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