Mar 26, 2011

Spring Is Here!

Take a look at the lush, green sprouts!  The 20th was the "official" day of spring...although it's been getting green ever-since March 1st  :)
The other day, the whole herd got the runs and milk production dropped drastically!  How and why did this happen?  Us not having a steady schedule and too much green thrown at them at once.

Lesson from this...never just throw your goats out on fresh green pasture after they've been hibernating all winter and ALWAYS have a schedule, ie.  7 am - 7 pm.  Since we've started on our new early morning schedule, the goat's milk production has raised and no more runs!

We recently got in with a local grocery store to take all the produce that they would throw out otherwise.  I encourage ALL farmers and livestock owners to approach your local grocery store and find out if you can have access to the produce that they throw out!  I hate seeing food go to waste, when it could be used to feed other living things.

Have a good weekend everyone!