Apr 4, 2011

Lesson #1: Bloat in Goats

a.k.a:  Ruminal Tympany, Tympanities, Hoven, Meteorism
Although I've never had a goat with bloat, it will most likely occur one time or another, especially spring and summer when pastures are readily available.  This condition stems from the goat's inability to rid gas produced by the rumen, due to either feeding on too many legumes (Alfalfa, fresh grass, clovers, etc.), a sudden change in feed or hay, or eating too many grains (oats, barley, wheat & rye).  Signs of bloat is an enlarged left flank, difficulty or laboring to breathe, and upon thumping the left side, it will sound like a drum or ripe watermelon.

If the goat's eyes and inside of it's mouth turn from pink to blue-ish purple, this indicates a lack of oxygen, which equals approaching death.  Obviously, this is not something to take lightly and should be treated promptly, before this has a change to occur!

Treating Bloat:
Here's the recipe for treating bloat:
1 Cup of Oil (mineral, corn, etc.)
About 2 TBS of Baking Soda

Mix that up and either drench the mixture down the goat's throat with a syringe (NO NEEDLE), a drencher, or tube it directly into the goat's stomach (that's if you know how to do it safely, but it's more risky).  NEVER try to tube a goat unless you have experience doing it!  You may accidentally put the tube in the lungs, and basically drown the goat.  Give C&D Antitoxin...this won't hurt the goat.  This medicine is water soluble, so if it is not needed in the gut, the goat will just pee it out.  C&D helps calm the gut down and balances the rumen.  Most of the time, a few days after the goat gets bloat, it comes down with Enterotoximia, and this is a very fast, life threatening situation too.  If you are dealing with an adult goat, give about 15 cc/ML of C&D Antitoxin (not Antitoxoid) Sub-Q, a few times a day until they're back to acting and looking normal.  You can also give them an extra boost of electrolytes...of which I use Nutri-Drench for goats.
If you're dealing with a kid, give about 5 cc of C&D (Sub-Q of course). Sometimes, bloat will come with diarrhea.  Just let it run it's course, but make sure the kid is getting enough liquids and offer electrolytes a couple times a day.  If you have TheraBloat or AgriLabs Bloat Release, you can give them the recommended dosage.
After the goat has bloat, it's always a good idea to give them Probiotics for a few days to aid in the healing of the gut.

I am not an expert at this and have not had any close personal experience with this, but have seen it in my friend's goats.  The article above originated from an article that my friend at GoodGoats wrote.

See the links below to purchase the products I listed above.  I've had great success with all of these products!

Thanks for reading!

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