Apr 22, 2011

Around the ranch today...

A small milestone has happened on 7 Thunders Ranch...our first ever batch of baby chicks hatched!  Take a look at the pics below.
First chick to hatch
WARNING!  Very broody hen
This hen has been up in the chicken house rafters for about a month, and she is SO broody.  Talk about mama hen syndrome, LOL!

Here are a misc. couple of pics from around the ranch today...
Me and my first LaMancha, Ohara.  She's a horse, LOL
Silly Snickers
 Oh, and I just had to post a picture of me and Tick-Tack, one of Suriyah's (GoodGoats) tiniest goat kids I've EVER seen!  He is SOOOO CUTE!
That's all for today!