Aug 9, 2013

Life Update

I have failed to post on here for quite some time now.  This year has been a very busy one to say the least.  Lots of different things going on around here at the ranch, and outside of our little piece of property!

Summer nights in Oklahoma are most always very humid and sticky.  But we've had beautiful ones as well, like the one in the photo above.

We've experienced many thunderstorms this Summer, which is definitely different than last year's very dry spell.  Rain is a great blessing!  I snapped the photo above one night, standing in the back of our truck, as lightening cracked across the sky.  It was a spectacular storm to observe!

We have had the joy to see a TON of little babies be born on our little farm!!  Ducklings, chicks, bunnies and goat kids...all so fun to watch grow up  :-)

My graphic design business has drastically taken off (in a good way).  Filling client requests and answering questions is a daily task of mine, as well as designing graphics and print material for the family sign shop.  Above is a photo of some of the many printed materials I've created for  -  They are loyal clients of mine that I have worked closely with for these last couple years.

Since the recent heavy, often rains, our pastures, for the most part, are flourishing and have shown a very big difference in last year's production.  It is greener, longer and doesn't get dried by the sun as easily, thankfully!

So there you go, that is a basic overview of what my Summer has held thus far.  More to come Lord willing, I just need to make time to post.

Stay cool in this heat!

May 1, 2013

First of the month = NEW photos!!

Haven't posted anything in awhile.  It's been a crazy, busy spring, lots of new animals  :-)  I thought pictures would be a good way to start the month of May!

Snickers gives great kisses  :-)

Random flowers in our pasture

A drinking chicken

 Snickers and Oreo

The sun was shining bright this morning

Lilly, quietly begging me for milk this morning.  How could anyone resist that cute little face?!


 It's been amazing to watch how fast our pastures have grown up this year!  In just a couple of weeks, this pasture went from pure dirt to lush green, beautiful, soft grass!  We have been experimenting on the pastures by spreading all of the goat pen manure on every pasture all winter.  The result is obviously great!

Fresh milk this morning...YUM!!  God has given me a blessed life.

Snickers, the little show-off

Lilly and Tilly, mother and daughter look-alikes, lapping up the milk foam this morning :-)
Happy first day of MAY!!


Feb 21, 2013

The Snow that lasted 3 hours

We finally got hit with a good amount of snow yesterday, about 4 inches.  It stayed on the ground for about 3 hours, just long enough to have a snow fight and build two snow men  :)  And then, it almost all melted!

This morning, I was startled awake by a huge bang of thunder, followed by the biggest storm I've ever seen!  Hail, rain, ice, thunder and lightening, mixed with snow...just all around, strange weather for the middle of February.


Piggy Weekend!

A first on our little ranch!  Our Guinea Hog sow had two piglets on Saturday, one made it and the other was not so fortunate.  We are now bottle feeding the boar piglet since it's to cold to put it outside with mama.

 Mama pig

Bottle feeding the piglet

Here are a couple of fun shots from this weekend!

Midnight, chewing on my hair!


Smile, baby smile!


Feb 1, 2013

2 more kiddos!!

Surprise!  Rosie, one of our Nubian does threw two kids this morning, a NuMancha doeling and buckling  :)  It was a super easy birth, praise God!

NuMancha Doeling (right) and Buckling (left)



Jan 31, 2013

First kids of 2013!

Yay!  Woke up this morning to 4 goat kiddos, the first ones of the year!  Stormy, one of our Nubian does, dropped twin bucklings.

Stormy's Buckling #1

Stormy's Buckling #2

And Indy, one of our LaMancha does, gave birth to two beautiful kids, a buck and a doe!  The little white buckling looks like a kid we kept last year, which is now one of our best bucks on the farm  :)

Indy's Buckling

Indy's Doeling

We'll see which doe is next to kid this year!  We have about 5 more to go...stay tuned   :)

Have a good day!