May 1, 2013

First of the month = NEW photos!!

Haven't posted anything in awhile.  It's been a crazy, busy spring, lots of new animals  :-)  I thought pictures would be a good way to start the month of May!

Snickers gives great kisses  :-)

Random flowers in our pasture

A drinking chicken

 Snickers and Oreo

The sun was shining bright this morning

Lilly, quietly begging me for milk this morning.  How could anyone resist that cute little face?!


 It's been amazing to watch how fast our pastures have grown up this year!  In just a couple of weeks, this pasture went from pure dirt to lush green, beautiful, soft grass!  We have been experimenting on the pastures by spreading all of the goat pen manure on every pasture all winter.  The result is obviously great!

Fresh milk this morning...YUM!!  God has given me a blessed life.

Snickers, the little show-off

Lilly and Tilly, mother and daughter look-alikes, lapping up the milk foam this morning :-)
Happy first day of MAY!!