Dec 28, 2012

SNOW & Ice-Skating!

 It finally snowed!  It was a light one, but it snowed none the less  :-)  Very good for the pastures!

Last night, we took a field trip and went ice-skating with some good friends of ours.  I didn't do very well on the ice...slipped and fell a lot, and bruised my knee.  

Me skating.

Josiah, my brother, skating.

Gracie, my sister, putting on her skates.

A few bruised knees later, and it was over  :-)  It was fun!

Photo of the Day:
{Reece's isn't too amused by my camera flash}


Dec 27, 2012

2 Families = BOOM!

It happened again last night!  Two families, the Young's (us) and the Fish's (really good friends of ours), got together again and. . . BOOM!  We are almost always up to crazy stuff, and in this case, it was learning two new dances at Liberty Ranch  :-)

On the way there

Line-dancing madness!

The pomegranate massacre!

All in all, it was a great night!  Praise God for these fun times  :-)


Dec 26, 2012

Chilly Day

Today, we had about 2-3 inches of ice in the animal's water buckets.  Talk about hard to crack!

Draining the hose is a daily chore for us right now.

Yep, we gave into our old dog, Gabby, and let her in the house.  She was cold  :)

Forgot to post pictures of our new LGD pup!  She's pretty good with the goats thus far...but she still needs to learn that they're not toys  :-)

Judah, the gentle giant!  He's a big baby.

I am very thankful for our stove!  Wood heat is the way to go, especially out here in ice-storm country!  It keeps this little house nice and toasty  :-)

Last pic of the day.  One of our Muscovy ducks, at the water trough.

Have a great day!

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Dec 23, 2012

Winterizing a Shelter

It was a very pretty day for working outside!  So I decided to winterize a shelter for our bucks that was in dire need of a makeover.

Here the shelter is before anything was done to it.  It was like a wind tunnel.

Always keep your hay rope! Comes in handy for projects like these.

First, I hung a thick quilt on the open side, cutting 4 slits in the top, then stringing hay rope through over the roof, and attaching it to the other side. Yes, it's pretty okie-looking, but it works :)

Attached hay rope.

Then, I cut two slits in the sides, and wrapped the blanket around the poles.

The side is done.

 I started on the wall by digging about a 3" trench, then setting a board inside the trench. Then I attached wire to the inside of the board, and nailed a piece of metal on the outside of the board, leaving a space in between the wire and metal wall. I used the little space to put insulation in (junk blankets and fabric). Then I added a support beam at the end.

Another view of the wall.

I added a coroplast board to finish the wall. I put a pallet on the side behind the quilt, and leaned a pole up to secure it.  Done! It's pretty warm inside already :)

Jasper, already enjoying the shelter

Stay warm!