Jul 30, 2012

Monday Farm Tip #1

With this intense heat, I just wanted to remind everyone who has animals, to do regular water checks during the heat of the day.  In these high, sweltering temperatures, the animals' need to drink and stay hydrated grows and water evaporates very rapidly.  Hydration = survival!


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Jul 26, 2012

Photo Randomness #1

One of the barn cats...

Some grass sprigs...

 A tree branch...


Jul 9, 2012

Our 3rd Pasture...Finished!

Today, we finished building our 3rd pasture fence!  There was fencing stretched, nails hammered and lots of energy spent!

And here's the fun pic of the day . . .

Goodnight everyone!

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Jul 6, 2012

Tree-falling & other Randomness

It was one HOT day here in Oklahoma.  We decided to cut down 5 dead trees and use them for firewood this winter.

Some other random photos from today . . .

The new fence my dad and brothers have been working on so tirelessly!  They've done a great job so far...just gotta add the fencing  :)

A lizard.

 Some kind of flower.

A somewhat confused mama and baby.  Yep, chicken decided she was gonna hatch a duck egg  :)

 The new hay barn my dad built.

A rooster and his hen.

Our buck Ranger, takin' it easy.

That's all for today!


Jul 2, 2012

Yesterday's Liberty Party

Me and my sister, Arael, singing "Someone Like You"

Yesterday's "Liberty Party At The Ranch Party" was a blast and definitely made for a long day!  So here's MY version of what happened this past 2 days. . .

My Saturday was spent by staying with some SUPER crazy COOL friends, and staying up till midnight cleaning walls, windows, floors...cooking, painting fingernails and toenails, and stretching my vocal chords "to the max" for the next days "concert".

Got an early 6 a.m. start to my day, and went and helped Suriyah Fish milk 35 of her MANY dairy goats, feed bottle kids, fill water buckets and then we were off to set up the party in the front yard by around 9 a.m!

Within the 9 a.m. hour, tents were set up, paper was decorated with and sound checks were done.

The DJ Station!

Front gate
The Stage
I gave TWIST ties to someone who asked for ZIP ties to hang a banner :)

Going on inside the house was some crazy dance practice with Laura Clarbour!

Then, way later in the day around 4 pm, after our soccer team had left to go play a game, me and Suriyah thought we would go out to the barn and milk the goats, to escape the madness of the droves of excited, liberty-minded folks arriving, that way we could take a breather for a little bit. But NO :) Nope, the announcer had to broadcast over the loudspeaker that we were milking and invited everyone to come watch us! Haha, that was somewhat chaotic as a crowd of around 30 people gathered inside the barn to watch THE OPERATION! We even gave out free milking lessons!

With the goats milked, fed and put away, and the soccer crew back, bringing some "party animals" back with them, it was time to start the show!

And from about 7 to 9 p.m., it was an all out blast getting to sing for everyone and listen to great speeches by amazing people!

Pretty good crowd!

'Liberty Lady' the pony.  There were pony rides for the kids too!
Me singing "The Media Lies"
My day pretty much ended with sand-covered legs and feet from the volleyball court and a nice cold root beer float by the campfire with friends! Oh, and some wild dancing of course ;)

(I rose at 6 a.m. and buzzed around non-stop, all day until I crashed at around 1:45 a.m.)

 Hope everyone has a great night!  If you would like to hear my music, visit:  http://www.reverbnation.com/hannahyoung


P.S.  I'll try to post more about the farm...just been really busy with other things lately :)