Dec 26, 2012

Chilly Day

Today, we had about 2-3 inches of ice in the animal's water buckets.  Talk about hard to crack!

Draining the hose is a daily chore for us right now.

Yep, we gave into our old dog, Gabby, and let her in the house.  She was cold  :)

Forgot to post pictures of our new LGD pup!  She's pretty good with the goats thus far...but she still needs to learn that they're not toys  :-)

Judah, the gentle giant!  He's a big baby.

I am very thankful for our stove!  Wood heat is the way to go, especially out here in ice-storm country!  It keeps this little house nice and toasty  :-)

Last pic of the day.  One of our Muscovy ducks, at the water trough.

Have a great day!

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