Feb 24, 2012

Been a VERY exciting week!

Hi readers,
I have been quite a busy girl lately, so that explains my lack of posting!  Here's the rundown of this past month...

On February 6th, me and most of the family headed out on a 12 hour roadtrip to TN (for another consultation with the Lyme doctor), leaving the farm in the hands of my dad who stayed home.  That was an event all in itself  :)

When we got back, the farm was, well, in somewhat of a mess.  But, everything is fine and back to normal now!

This past Monday, a neighbor drove up in my driveway and told me he had a stuck, breech kid and needed help getting it out.  So, we hopped in his truck bed and off we went to his barn!  The doe was having a lot of trouble, so I stuck my fingers in there.  The reason it was stuck wasn't because it was breech, but because it was folded in half.  Since my sister's hands are quite a bit smaller than mine, she was able to get in there and reposition the kid to where it would come out.  Everything went smoothly and the mama and kid are happy now!

That same day, Cloudy, our Saanen doe, went into early labor, having slight contractions and a filling udder filling and squatting.  Me and my sister got up a few times in the night to check on her...nothing.

Then, at about 11 a.m. on Wednesday, Cloudy had her first kid...a little, pitch black buckling!  I'd say about 30 minutes later, she had another black buckling.  Everything went smoothly and her placenta passed with ease.  The significance of this birth was this was my problem birther 2 years ago!  You can read the whole story here: http://7thundersranch.blogspot.com/2011/02/indy-kidded.html

Cloudy's two adorable bucklings

In addition to Cloudy having her kids, about two hours later, I came out into the barn to find a doeling of Frosty's (Frosty is one of our Nubian does) on the ground already, being licked off by Cloudy, LOL!  Before it was all over and done with, Frosty ended up with two beautiful doelings!

I'll just say that I've slept very well for the past week from being so tired!  It's been about a year since we've had bottle kids, so we're getting back into the swing of things  :)

The first doeling of Frosty's
This is what makes farm life fun and FULL of surprises!  In one way I look forward to kidding season because I like bottle feeding and playing with the kids...but on the other hand, I always get just a little bit tense before a goat birth as you never know if the goat will deliver perfectly or have a stuck kid or...the list could go on and on about what "could" go wrong at a birth.  Thankfully, we've never had a goat die, but we've had a few close calls.  It's not always glamorous life, but it's a blessing of a life to live.  I praise God for putting us here on this beautiful piece of property and allowing us to have a farm and be as self-sufficient as we can be right now.

Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing it  :)



P.S.  I'm, Lord willing, going to a Ron Paul rally tomorrow to see him speak, so I'll try to post about that when I get back!  I went to a Ron Paul sign wave yesterday afternoon at the corner in our town, Tahlequah.  That was pretty fun and we got a lot of response!