Dec 16, 2010

Sunday worming fiasco!

Well...I got to treat all 12 of my goats for worms the other day...FUN :)  It all started with my friends' goats having some worm issues in their herd.

They found out through a fecal sampling that it was a worm called "Strongyloids".  The wormer that we all had been using was Cydectin, which doesn't treat that particular strain of worms.  So they told us that we should look into getting some of our goats tested, one goat in particular.  And guess what I got to do???  Of course I had to stick my finger up a goats butt in order to get the "reward", LOL!  Anyway, we took the sample to the vet and sure enough, it turned up the SAME exact strain of worms as my friends' goats.

We used SafeGuard to treat all of our goats, because if one goat has it, most likely your whole herd has it!  So, that is what I did on Sunday!  One of our goats already looks a little better.  I'll hopefully post some pics up soon.

Good night!