Dec 24, 2010

First "Heimlich" Experience on a goat

Today, I went on a long walk down to our mail box and decided to take little Oreo along with me, since she's all leash trained.  She did great through the whole walk until we got back to the barn and she ate some grain.  She started looking around strangely, not eating any grain, with her eyes all bugged out and cheeks full of grain.  I noticed she wasn't making any noise and she was looking at me like "HELP!"  I just ran out of the goat barn real quick and sucked up some water from the trough into the drencher.  I took her off the milk stand, shot water down her throat and squeezed her belly really hard.  When I did that, she coughed up the big grain clump that was lodged in her throat!  That got my adrenaline pumpin'!

Note to self and ALL:  Never take a goat for a long walk and then immediately feed it grain :)