Dec 30, 2010

Overwhelming day...

The reason?  To start the day off, I was done milking, standing behind Cloudy (doe), waiting for her to finish her grain.  I've been treating her for worms (Strongyloids).  I was just looking at her (we have been battling to put weight on her for a long time), and thinking of how long I've been feeding her things that are supposed to fatten her up.  Then I started contemplating putting her down, out of her misery (she's just skinny and acts sad all day, every day).  Cloudy looked at me and that made me cry so hard, just to think about what a sweet goat she's been to us and to never see or milk her again...was awful!
I drenched her with Vitamin C water and then gave her an injection of Iron.
Drenching Cloudy with Vitamin C water.
Giving the Iron injection (IM)

So, that was the first thing I had to deal with.  Then, to make matters worse, almost my whole herd had the sniffles :(  So, while I'm at it, here's a recipe I made up for runny noses, runny eyes, etc.
(I'm not guaranteeing that your goat will get better after mixing up this recipe, but this is at least to try and make them better.)
The Sniffles Recipe: (per cup)
5 Vit C caps
1 8000 I.U. Vit A caps
4 100 mg Vit E gel caps
2 50 mg Zinc caps
4 cc of Nutri-Drench or ProBios

And there you have it, the "Sniffles" recipe :)  Here are some links to purchase some of the vitamins above:
ProBios {powder:} - {paste in a click-tube:}

Me drenching Ohara with the "Sniffles" recipe (the rest of the herd too)
So, that was pretty much my day!  It's just that time of year!

Good night everyone!